Diffusion 6.2.4 Downloads

6.2.4 is the latest version of Diffusion. Older versions are available here.

Install Diffusion

The Diffusion JAR file contains all the resources for the Diffusion server. Install this JAR using the installer.

Download Diffusion

Install Diffusion using RPM

You can use the RPM file to install the Diffusion server on Linux systems that have Red Hat Package Manager installed.


New features in Diffusion 6.2

New update API

Improved API for updating topics, including a stateless set method, better ways to coordinate updating between multiple clients including session locks in all clients, and a easier creation of missing topics.

Improved compression

Compression performance has been improved, delivering significant reduction in data usage for most applications.

New fetch API

A redesigned API for retrieving topic values and specifications makes it easier to page through large data sets. Results can now be filtered by topic selector and path.

More About What's New See Release Notes

Other downloads

Client SDKs

Get the Diffusion client SDKs and start developing.

Get SDKs

Documentation Pack

This zipped file contains the Diffusion User Manual and all API documentation for the Diffusion client APIs.