Diffusion 6.0.9 Downloads

This release no longer includes an evaluation license. If you are interested in evaluating Diffusion, try the latest version.

Install Diffusion

The Diffusion JAR file contains all the resources for the Diffusion server. Install this JAR using the installer.

Download Diffusion

Install Diffusion using RPM

You can use the RPM file to install the Diffusion server on Linux systems that have Red Hat Package Manager installed.


New features in Diffusion 6.0.9

Time series topics

A new topic type that holds an ordered series of events.

Topic persistence

A new persistence feature preserves the state of topics when a server is closed and then restarted.

Improved topic replication

Replication now supports non-exclusive updaters, with better replication consistency and improved performance.

Typed request-response messaging

You can now send request messages to a client, a set of clients, or a message path. The recipient of the message can respond directly to the request.

More About What's New See Release Notes

Other downloads

Quick Start Guide

Review the QSG for all the information you need to download, install and get started with the Diffusion server.

Client SDKs

Get the Diffusion client SDKs and start developing.

Get SDKs

Documentation Pack

This zipped file contains the Diffusion User Manual and all API documentation for the Diffusion client APIs.